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Residing In Lady Lake, FL USA
Spouse/Partner Kristopher Huffman
Occupation Declared Disabled since 1999 due to severe PTSD and some physical issues from a couple of accidents i was involved in
Children Austin born 1998
Yes! Attending Reunion

Might as well put "in memory" by my name too because I am dead on the inside thanks to most of you as I now suffer from PTSD and major depression because of the relentless bullying most of you and all the rest of the entire school put me through over something that never even occurred and was only started by my now deceased sister (January 8th 2017) simply because she was angry with me over a fight we had that morning. Sounds like you would believe anything I do however find it amusing that 99% of you made me the outcast and yet now you want to include me in this reunion?

School Story

My own sister (now deceased) literally ruined school for me but worse she caused it to be so bad that with the daily horrendous bullying I received the entire rest of high school 10th til grad and even the harassment i received from several people who just couldn't grow up after high school, here and there throughout the years following high school up until just last year when one in particular made a fake Facebook profile how clever ๐Ÿ˜‚just to say something about it. (Seriously how old are we now Oh Yeah I know who it was because I DO have common sense and had just seen this pathetic person a couple days prior which this i was so shocked at the pathetic nature in which he approached me and the immaturity involved in this was so shocking it didn't even register that it should have hurt in fact that was actually laughing about how pathetic can one guy really be to go to such lengths for me ๐Ÿ˜) but unfortunately all of this the damage had already been done because she caused me to have severe depression and anxiety and PTSD. And with all the medications and therapy and even the change of location (partly because my ex boyfriend was stalking me and getting away with it even with a PFA because he knew people) it hasn't gotten any better at all. And then they want to include me at the reunion? Seriously what for so people can continue the show there immaturity and harrass me some more. That school and most of our class wanted nothing to do with me before except to use me as their comedy show and to take whatever insecurities they had out on me, so why in the holy hell would i want to go back to be apart of it now? The people planning this, are either too stupid, or have a pretty bad memory for even approaching me on Facebook asking me about this.... Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. Except for a few of them.... The class of '97 as well as the class of 95,96,98,99 can all go fuck themselves, for they were all apart of the murder of the soul of a person who was supposed to be a fellow classmate. You all failed. You got so much education but in all of that you failed to learn a few things, common sense, logic, and compassion for others, but compassion is something that is supposed to be taught by your parents. Guess you people were too stupid to learn. I bet if your parents knew what was done and how you treated someone else like you treated me, bet they wouldn't have to been so proud of you huh? You know what they say. The reason bullys are bullys are because, either they are very insecure about themselves, or something is going on at home so, i guess in that case i am thankful because I had wonderful parents, who taught me better and taught me how to treat others, guess that is why I never made fun of any of you for anything, whether true or false, or fought back. I didn't need to bring my problems at home to school... I didn't have any home problems. So I suppose i feel sorry for all of you who bullied me so relentlessly... You must have been going through something awful at home...and I hope things are better for you now.

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